Hello, I'm Jason.

I like designing technology to help people.

In 1994, I designed the first web–based magazine, Computer Mediated Communications, and have been at the forefront of digital innovation ever since.

I wrote the first book for designers on Cascading Style Sheets in 1996.

I was the lead designer on WebMD when it launched in 1998.

I built the first online interactive comic book reader in 2006.

I wrote the first book on modern web typography in 2009.

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My Skills & Experience include:

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This is my portfolio of recent design work.

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I like to write & teach about design.


I am the author and co-author of 19 books on digital design and media.
Here are my most recent books:

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I've written dozens of articles over the years.
Here are some of my favorites:

Smashing Magazine



I've presented at some of the top conferences around the world.
Here are a few:

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Here are some of the clients I've worked with.

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People I've worked with gave me these nice Recommendations.

Jason's ability to take concepts and ideas and relate them to a specific audience is a special gift… Pete Erikson, MoDev
Jason is an amazingly talented creative director, his work on the AOL Red team helped to transform the site. His unique creative efforts helped to develop new program features, innovative utilization of online resources. Mark D. Stevens, AOL Kids & Teens
Jason's information architecture and design was wonderful, and he quite honestly created one of the best looking websites inside Bank of America at the time. Jason was very dedicated to the project and kept the customer focus all the way through the end. Daniel Rymer, Bank of America
Jason is an amazingly knowledgeable designer, and takes great pleasure in teaching what he knows to others. He's always eager to teach and offer advice, but he knows when to step back and let a designer trust his own instincts. That's an uncommon trait, and a welcome one. Travis Ely, Capital One
We can't say enough good about Jason's professionalism and the tremendous quality of the Web design strategy. David Knight, XPrize Foundation
Jason is a magical resource for both forward-looking strategy and solid implementation. Tim Bailey, Yuri's Night
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I have worked at these places.

The CranfordTeague Group

Chief Experience Officer | 01.16 – Present

Capital One

Creative Director | 10.14 – 01.16

Gannett Digital

UX Lead | 03.13 – 09.14

Forum One

Managing Director, UX | 09.10 – 11.12


Sr. Design Manager | 08.09 – 09.10


Director of Web Standards | 09.07 – 03.09
Creative Director | 04.06 – 09.07
Senior UI Designer | 04.04 – 04.06

Bank of America

Interface Designer | 01.02 – 11.03


Sr. Information Architect | 03.00 – 01.01


Sr. Information Architect | 04.98 – 03.00

Persimmon IT

Web Designer | 04.96 – 08.07

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A bit more about me.

Jason on the streets of Barcelona

In the 20+ years I've been working, I still love creating digital experiences to help people find the best outcomes. Each project I tackle provides new challenges to solve and ideas to develop, and there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

When I'm not designing, writing about design, or talking about design, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, talking geek culture with my kids, walking with my cat, going to sci-fi conventions, & grilling up tasty meals. I live outside of the Washington DC area, but love to travel to distant lands whenever possible.

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