Can I See Your Portfolio?

Why Presentation Matters

Jason Cranford Teague | Richmond UX

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Why Presentation Matters

A tale of two portfolios




Jason's Old Portfolio
Jason's New Portfolio

Corporate Portfolio

Agency Portfolio

Art Portfolio

How to Design

How to Develop

How to Plan Content

Audience Matters

Content Matters

Accesibility Matters

Your Voice Matters


Who will see Your Portfolio

Building Your Portfolio

What goes in Your Portfolio

What is your optimal outcome?

Get a Job

Get Freelance Work

Win Awards

Show your boss/organization/team your skills

Part I

Who will see your portfolio

5 people to consider

01. Potential Employeers

  • Want to see your skills
  • Want to see your latest work
  • Are looking at a lot of portfolios

02. Potential Clients

  • Little or no design training
  • Don't overpromise
  • Delight them with possibilities

03. Other Designers

  • Bredth of work
  • Create a dialog

04. Your Boss

  • Most recent work
  • Success and struggles

05. Your Organization

  • Not unlike potential clients and/or boss
  • Let them see your skills
  • Deligh them with possibilities

Thiink of a specific person you are targeting

  1. Name
  2. Role
  3. Desired outcome

Part II

What Goes In Your Portfolio?

5 things to have (or have not)

01. Only the best

02. Explain your work, but don’t embellish

03. Your Story

04. Keep it Fresh

05. It's alive… IT'S ALIVE!

Tell us…

  1. Do you have five great projects less than five years old that are live?
  2. Can you explain your role in them?
  3. Do they tell your story?

Part III

Building Your Portfolio

5 things to think about

01. Be the Master of your own domain

02. Keep your voice Clean & Clear

03. Sweet Sweat the Details

04. Keep it FRESH!

05. Less is more

Think about this…

  1. What is your ideal domain name?
  2. How many projects can you list from the last 5 years? 2 years?
  3. How do you think your audience will find your portfolio?